2016 Food


Infatuation Village

The Infatuation is our go-to for restaurant recommendations in NYC, which is why we’ve partnered with them to curate the food at Meadows. Head to The Infatuation Village (across from the Queens BLVD Stage) to get your mouth around some of the best food at the festival: Roberta’s, Alidoro, Dough Donuts, Wowfulls & Burger Joint will be there. Plus, The Infatuation Snack Cabinet has all your favorite childhood treats (for free), and there will be a BOSCO Photobooth for all your selfie needs. Let’s #EEEEEATS.

Feastival of Queens

Real NYC foodies know about all the amazing ethnic foods that can be found in Queens. The borough is the most culturally diverse in the city (if not the world), so it only makes sense that the food offerings both span the globe and do them absolute justice. And to make sure we represent our home borough right, we're pleased to announce FEASTival of Queens - a special foodie experience curated by Queens based food writer and gastronomic adventurer Joe DiStefano (aka "The Guy Who Ate Queens"). This ticketed culinary experience will feature the very best Thai, Mexican, Colombian and Nepalese food the borough has to offer, all in bite size form.

To experience the FEASTival of Queens, folks can purchase a $25 ticket to sample each of the five vendors, leaving you with a full stomach and a happy feeling that only delicious ethnic foods are capable of giving.
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As The Meadows kicks off the beautiful fall season, the Tito’s Harvest will be featured at all spirits locations, made with Tito’s Handmade Vodka, apple cider, & vanilla cream soda, and garnished with a cinnamon stick to compliment that crisp, one of a kind New York City fall vibe. Creating a memorable experience is always at the heart of everything Tito’s touches, and to that end, we are excited to additionally announce a very special build-your-own Bloody Mary bar using freshly pressed locally grown tomatoes, with a full stock of spices & flavors to orchestrate your perfectly balanced Tito’s Bloody Mary.


With a delicate mix of the savory and sweet, the Larceny Bourbon Peach Cobbler has you covered with this refreshing delight served at all spirits locations. Its touch of peach nectar, hint of lemon juice and simple syrup, and mint leaf garnish will warm your experience all weekend long. Find your way to the bourbon only pop-up grocer for the specialty editions of the Larceny Locked and Loaded (with lemon juice, grapefruit soda and a slice of grapefruit) and the Larceny Buck (with ginger beer, lemon juice and a peel of lemon). Take your Larceny keys to unlock exclusive prizes at this amazing location.


Following in the footsteps of Don Julio González who worked hard to hand-pick ripe agave to create his velvety smooth tequila, the Manzarita by Don Julio at Meadows is deliciously spiced with unique ingredients to bring about its true autumnal feel. With fresh squeezed apple juice, a touch of lemon, and elderflower liqueur, complemented by an extra apple slice and dash of cinnamon, the grace and scents of this cocktail are sure to delight your senses. The 1942 Truck will be in general admission complete with a photo booth to share your experience far and wide. For those who find their way to the famed Lounge of the Freeloaders, be sure to visit the one and only Don Julio Airstream Speakeasy.


With a taste of the old and hints of the new, the 1893 Ginger and Mint Julep Remix by Pepsi-Cola is a show stopper. The delicious boldly blended 1893 Ginger Cola mixed with bourbon and garnished with muddled mint will be served in all spirits lounges. What’s more is you can stop by the 1893 Tasting Lounge all weekend long to try the new 1893 premium colas and enjoy additional custom mixed Original Cola cocktails with rum, gin, vodka, coconut, vanilla, elderflower – an array of ingredients to be crafted by expert mixologists.